Museum of Proletarian Culture

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This book tells of a challenging exhibition held in one of the major Russian museums - the Tretyakov Gallery in . Arseny Zhilyaev created a conceptual project for an...

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Lewis The Undoing . A Friendship that Changed the World

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1969 two men met on a university campus. Their names were Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky. They were different in every way. But they were both obsessed with the human mind - and both happened to be geniuses. Together, they would change the way we see the world.

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Cynthia Stackpole Snyder A Manager's Book of Forms. A Companion to the PMBOK Guide

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A compendium of ready-made forms for managing every project in line with the latest PMBOK® Guide—Fifth Edition This valuable companion to the Management stitute's A Guide to the Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide)—Fifth Edition presents a comprehensive and practical set of forms and reports that help project managers apply the concepts and practices described in the PMBOK® Guide. Designed specifically to assist both new and experienced project managers in handling all aspects of a project, this edition of A Manager's Book of Forms contains forms that cover all the process groups: initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing. It also includes some forms not mentioned in the PMBOK® Guide, which you will find helpful in managing your project. Use the forms as a guide in collecting and organizing project information, or as a template for ensuring a set of consistent data on all projects. The forms can also be adopted on an organizational level to enable a repeatable approach to project management. Completely editable electronic versions of all the blank forms, in Microsoft Office–compatible format, are available on an accompanying website. You may use them as is or tailor them to your own needs. The PMBOK® Guide covers the processes for managing a project; this book gives you a handy road map of forms to use to make every project just a bit smoother from start to finish. (PMBOK is a registered marks of the Management stitute, c.)

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Eric Verzuh The Portable MBA in Management

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The Portable MBA in Management covers the most pressing topics in project management and features all the leading thinkers in the field. While most project management books address only the techniques for managing individual projects, The Portable MBA in Management widens the scope to include insights for managing project-based organizations. doing so, this comprehensive volume will help managers combine the power of individual project successes to drive the organization to new levels of productivity and customer responsiveness. Eric Verzuh, best selling author of The Fast Forward MBA in Management, brings together the leading lights of project management in this volume, including Robert G. Cooper, Randall Englund, Jack Meredith and Neil Whitten. addition to his role as editor, Verzuh draws on his own expertise to address how and why project management is a strategic strength, how to integrate project management into your enterprise, and several other topics for which he is well-known. Together they effectively address the full spectrum of the issues in project management today.

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Richard Perrin Real World Management. Beyond Conventional Wisdom, Best Practices and Methodologies

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If you're a project manager, you need this guide to fill in the gaps in the PM canon. The Management stitute's Body of Knowledge, fails to fully explain certain PM tools and how they work, among other failures. Real-World Management fills in those major gaps with irreverence, wit, and wisdom. For any kind of project you’re managing, this book presents the high-quality tools and tactics you need to succeed.

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Вы находитесь на странице по запросу: Michael Men Project Made In Moscow. Если не нашли, что искали, воспользуйтесь поиском.
Russia Military Analysis – A blog on the Russian military. A new brief from the Center for American Progress Action Fund’s shows that. Based on public reporting and indictments by special counsel Robert Mueller. There are at least 272 known contacts between Trump’s team and Russia-linked operatives during the campaign and transition. Including at least 38 meetings. Reposting this article from Oxford’s Changing Character of War Programme latest Russia issue brief. Just released this week. I encourage taking a look at the article compliation in these briefings. Because CCW’s work typically includes some of the best analysis on Russian defense. Economic or energy issues.

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