Kelly Vinal The Extracted MBA. A Topical Reference for the Contemporary MBA

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Книга "The Extracted MBA. A Topical Reference for the Contemporary MBA".

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Колонка Mystery MBA-737UB Black

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Колонка Mystery MBA-512UB Lime

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Бутин Реутов Курц Учебник По Органической Химии

Колонка Mystery MBA-613UB Black-Red

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Denso Ixuh22I 4


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Курс MBA: Путь верных решений (комплект из 3-х книг в упаковке)

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Серия Portable MBA - это передовые идеи от лучших педагогов наиболее престижных западных бизнес-школ и консультантов ведущих агентств мира. теоретические разработки и практические приемы, которые преподаются в рамках курса "Мастер делового администрирования". Реальная экономия денежных средств, затрачиваемых на традиционную форму обучения в бизнес-школе. В комплекте: - "Курс МВА по маркетингу" Чарльз Д.Шив, Александр У.Хайэм; - "Курс МВА по менеджменту" Аллен Р.Коэн (ред.); - "Курс МВА по стратегическому менеджменту" Лайм Фаэй, Роберт Рэнделл (ред.). Комплект из 3-х книг с мягкой обложкой в закрытом картонном футляре с ручкой.

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Devi Vallabhaneni What's Your MBA IQ?. A Manager's Career Development Tool

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What’s your MBA IQ? A combination of what you know and how much you’ve applied this knowledge on the job, your MBA IQ is what defines your management knowledge in today’s business climate. It’s what keeps you at the top of your profession, an expert in your specialized field with an understanding, as well, of cross-functional disciplines. Arming you with a solid foundation across the entire MBA curriculum to interact with colleagues, clients, senior management, and professors at a higher, more advanced level, international business expert Devi Vallabhaneni helps you get the most from MBA-level topics—and ultimately, develop your career. This authoritative road map facilitates advanced management education and reveals a structured approach for career development in the management profession, equipping you with nuts and bolts coverage of: General management, leadership, and strategy Operations management • Marketing management Quality and process management • Human resources management Accounting • Finance Information technology Corporate control, law, ethics, and governance International business Project management Decision sciences and managerial economics The related self-assessment exercises available at allow you to compute your MBA IQ. You can find out where your weaknesses are and then begin to develop your knowledge base to gain proficiency in all management areas and become a true business generalist. Since the MBA degree has become a de facto standard in management education, the goal of What’s Your MBA IQ? is to make the knowledge contained in an MBA accessible to all business practitioners. As a result, this book is equally relevant to business practitioners, whether or not they pursue an MBA. Also, your organization can use What’s Your MBA IQ? to assess its business practitioners’ readiness for corporate rotation programs, high potential programs, the CABM, the CBM, or an MBA degree.

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Peter L. Bernstein, Margery Bernstein The Portable MBA in Investment

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Книга "The Portable MBA in Investment".

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C.A. Carnall MBA Futures. Managing MBAs in the 1990s

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Книга "MBA Futures. Managing MBAs in the 1990s".

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William D. Bygrave, Bill Bygrave The Portable MBA in Entrepreneurship Case Studies

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Книга "The Portable MBA in Entrepreneurship Case Studies".

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Paul Argentini The Fast Forward MBA Pocket Reference

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Книга "The Fast Forward MBA Pocket Reference".

Jason A. M. S. M. B. a. Price The Executive MBA

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Книга "The Executive MBA".